We are a creative print and paper engineering design studio producing an array of paper goods for all your needs. We specialize in the creation of pop-ups, sculptures, decorative paper design pieces, cards, packaging design, and even larger-than-life-size environmental displays. Incredible designs can arise from such an innocuous and ubiquitous material! The use of paper and paper-based materials
in all its forms, shapes, and sizes, provides the perfect platform for us to develop and design one-of-a-kind pieces for each and
every one of you.

The studio was founded by Isabel Uría, who has been folding paper since she was old enough to read and write. She has worked as a designer and paper engineer for over 12 years. Isabel first began exploring working with paper professionally in her Visual Communication Design college years at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. She explored the medium even further during her Graphic Design MFA years at the Maryland Institute College of Art. This is where the idea and name for "Paper Design Paper" came from. She dedicated her entire master thesis to the different paper structures that graphic designers may use to solve design problems and visualize ideas. Designing with paper has been the focus her life and work
ever since! 




It can be ripped, rolled, folded, pasted, printed on, and crumbled. Paper can cut you. But you can cut it right back! Paint on it, crease it, die-cut it, ink it, hole-punch it, staple it, dice it, use it as pulp, shape it, wear it: possibilities abound.






Paper offers a spiraling path of possibilities for our curiosity to play with. Let the creative mind explore! And let the hands construct! This seemingly innocuous and simple material leads us to design, to paper engineer anything...

...EVERYTHING. Design all products in the handmade way, with attention to every cut and every fold. All of our product and project are made specially for you!





We are paper engineers and designers and we design with paper. Pop-ups, boxes, toys, movables, decorative items, displays, and much more... Nothing compares to the experience of opening a freshly printed book; or the tactile feel of a 3D paper puzzle; or the "wow" effect that is the magic of a pop-up. The process, well... all begins and ends with paper.